InfoSeek is a web-based solution designed to provide easy, efficient, user-friendly and secure access to archive files generated by IBM InfoSphere Optim. Working together, Optim enables IT organizations to decommission applications quickly and InfoSeek empowers end business users to query archived data without assistance. Users can view the contents of archived files without an Optim installation or an ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)/JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) connector.

InfoSeek offers a variety of options that make it easy for IT organizations and business users to access, search, view and drill-down on archived data, including:
Keywords: Search archived information using keywords with one or more parameters. Keywords also allow for drill down queries.  For example: A customer listing and their orders.
Queries: Create, save and run queries using a graphical interface. By selecting from the available list of tables, users can drill down by specifying columns and adding filters.
SQL Statements: Use SQL statements to query against tables with exact criteria


Searching by more than one parameter for a  keyword (example: Search customers either by their name or by location)
  • Multiple level drill down on the result set
  • Searching by more than one parameter for a  keyword (example: Search patients either by their name or by patient ID)
  • Download / export results into PDF or Excel
  • Run reports on schedule with automated emails
  • Pre-configured reports for packaged apps such as Oracle ebusiness, PeopleSoft, JDE, Lawson etc.
  • Using the Interactive Filter on the result set  (example: Search for a specific patient’s visits in 2005)
  • Role based user and access level security 

InfoSeek and Application Decommissioning

In a decommissioning  scenario, the largest amount of time required— apart from the data extracts itself—is for creating reports and queries to access the data. In addition, time is required to deploy these queries to the users’ desktops. Because InfoSeek offers a generic interface for users to search for data, it makes for rapid deployment. For further filtering, grouping and sorting of the result sets is as easy as downloading to Microsoft® Excel.®  InfoSeek can also be extended to Optim Data Growth Solutions where one may want to access archived data that is not restored to a Native Application Access (NAA) environment

InfoSeek and Enterprise Reporting Tools

InfoSeek does not replace or repurpose enterprise-wide reporting tools and it does not play a role in your archived data analytics strategy. Traditional enterprise analytics tools like IBM® Cognos,® MicroStrategy® or SAP® BusinessObjects or Crystal Reports should be used. InfoSeek’s value is in providing business users with access to the data that they need on a regular basis, especially in the first few years the data is retired.

InfoSeek for EMR


  • Security module with full administration  capabilities to provide/restrict access on specific information to users 
  • Low cost archive data reporting and maintenance
  • Reporting Ease of Use (No SQL expertise  required for end-users)
  • Zero client-side software
  • Works with archive files through Optim Connect
  • Light foot print LAMP/WAMP architecture    (LUW, Apache/IIS, MySQL/MS SQL and PHP)
  • Faster application retirement timeframes
  • Eliminates the need for effort intensive report  creation

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