Industry Focus

Xtensegrity has deep knowledge of the Agency, Chemical and Health Care industries.

Xtensegrity has deep industry knowledge to understand the unique challenges our customers face. We’ll help you with the specialized project solutions and experienced professionals for your mission-critical initiatives and day-to-day projects. And we can work with you locally, nationally, globally or virtually.

Our extensive industry expertise includes:

Agencies: Xtensegrity delivers pre-Configured solutions and Integrations for Project-Centric Businesses (Media, Consulting Services, Service Providers, Advertising Agencies, Public Relations).

Healthcare: Xtensegrity works with many organizations in the healthcare industry, providing specialized Data Management, ERP and EMR solutions.

Chemical: We work with global Chemical manufacturing companies providing data management, ERP and compliance solutions.

Premier Consulting group D/B/A Xtensegrity is an IBM Premier Partner, SAP Gold Partner, and Oracle Gold Partner with an extensive background in providing, developing, and implementing IBM Optim solutions. We have a large pool of IBM Optim Certified resources along with an international dedicated Information Governance

Xtensegrity has been involved with the co-development, implementation and reselling of the IBM Optim Product Portfolio for the past six years. Xtensegrity has had successfully developed and deployed this data solution for many customers, we maintain lasting relationships with each of our clients. Xtensegrity offers extremely competitive prices for our products and services.

Xtensegrity also offers a much more customized solution than what is available from other more typical data vendors. IBM and Xtensegrity have teamed to provide data management solutions with the Optim suite of products. Optim has helped solve the data challenges of more than 2,500 customers as a data management leader it holds 76% of the market.


We know your company spends a lot of time and resources maintaining your client’s expectations. Without project management software, it can be difficult to grow or bring in new accounts.

In addition to keeping clients for each project well organized, it is also important for all research and other relevant information to be accessible and easy to find. Advertising projects require teamwork among several professionals, and it is vital that they all have the relevant information they need to get their jobs done right.

Adage is the solution framework that Xtensegrity has built for the Agency business


Chemical companies have specific concerns relating to compliance, supply chain and logistics. Also, trends like big data, cloud computing and social media have begun to exert an influence on the industry. Xtensegrity is aware of the challenges chemical companies face and the role IT is playing to help address them.

REACH is a regulation of the European Union, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals, while enhancing the competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry.

Euphor is the solution that has been custom built for REACH registrtaion.

Health Care

The Health Care industry must balance stringent security and privacy regulations with a pressing need to improve IT infrastructure and a mandate to implement electronic medical record (EMR) software—all amid the political firestorm of healthcare reform, increasing pressure to cut costs, general reluctance among health care professionals to trust technology and a shortage of IT talent in the industry.

Xtensegrity works with multiple data sources combined with its revolutionary InfoSeek product to implement an affordable  electronic medical record (EMR) solution. InfoSeek Health Care EMR has been custom built for this industry.

Xtensegrity has extensive experience in the Advertising / Digital Marketing, Chemical and Healthcare industries. Our highly focused teams bring each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives from a technological perspective. We offer our clients fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights. Our mission is to help our clients set new standards of excellence in their industries, not follow the pack with off-the-shelf solutions.