Data Privacy

Data Privacy

IBM® InfoSphere® Optim™ Data Privacy de-identifies confidential data on demand throughout the enterprise including big data platforms.

Areas of Expertise

The process of concealing private data in non-production environments, such as development, test, QA, staging and training environments, such that privileged
users such as application developers, testers, administrators and outsourcing vendors do not get exposed to such data.

Organizations need to have procedures in place to de-identify sensitive information across both production and non-production environments to comply with data protection and privacy regulations, as well as avoiding costly data breaches.

Organizations need to adopt a policy driven, on demand transformation approach to proactively protect data privacy and support compliance especially in the new era of computing where data is everywhere.

What else can Xtensegrity offer?

Xtensegrity provides a complete portfolio to protect and secure your data and privacy as required by regulations. IBM and Xtensegrity have teamed to provide data management solutions with the Optim suite of products. Optim has helped solve data challenges of more than 2,500 customers. Xtensegrity also offers real-time database protection and compliance with IBM’s Guardium solution. Guardium provides the simplest, most robust solution for continuously monitoring access to high-value databases, assuring the integrity of trusted information in your data center and automating governance controls in heterogeneous enterprises.

Science research company

With federal funding and sensitive personal information, it was extremely critical for the agency to mask sensitive data in non-production PeopleSoft environments. This was driven by a compliance and audit mandate and needed to be implemented start to finish in 30 days. Xtensegrity accomplished this by deploying in-place masking techniques for IBM Optim. The project ensured their compliance and audit requirements were met. Training was provided to the client’s team so they could refresh further downstream instances on their own. Over 10 different attributes related to employee sensitive information were masked using 10 different types of algorithms as well as name databases as delivered by Optim. The algorithms ensure integrity of masked data across the entire application as well as across applications which allows for development and testing related activities to continue as if it were normal data.

Global Chemical firm

With the global rollout of HR systems, a key concern for the client is EU based safe harbor regulations which restrict access requirements, especially for non-EU countries. In this case the entire HR implementation team was based in the US and therefore for testing and development purposes needed access to the non-production environments and data. Xtensegrity deployed IBM Optim data masking for JDE, masking HR sensitive data (over 50 fields) in the non-prod environments. Various delivered as well as external databases for names etc. were used to ensure country specific names were swapped with similar names (for example Chinese names with random Chinese names etc.) Rapid delivery project delivered in 4 weeks.

Why choose IBM Optim?

  • Reduced risk of security breaches
  • Reduced time, effort and expense of discovering evidence for litigation
  • Demonstrated compliance with privacy laws, regulations and internal policies
  • Simplified Infrastructure
  • Quick return on investment

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