Proven Credentials

Since 1997, we have created strong partnerships with small, medium and large advertising, marketing, PR agencies and firms as well as many professional services organizations. As a trusted partner, we have impacted the operations of 50+ agencies/offices around the globe.

Areas of Expertise

We have always delivered measurable value and improvement in competitiveness in the following areas:

  • Reduction of infrastructure costs;
  • Improvement of project and traffic management functions;    
  • Integration of media-buying platforms;    and
  • The consolidation of enterprise systems into more manageable business platforms.

Why chose us?

Long-Term Commitment: Xtensegrity is committed to invest in building a mutually beneficial partnership with agencies, professional services organizations and SAP, the objective being to leverage and grow our relationship over the course of time as your business grows.
  • Flexibility: Xtensegrity will work with all its clients to ensure the implementation methodology is aligned with each of your unique culture and schedule.
  • Expertise: Xtensegrity will deploy a top notch team of resources who will bring industry-relevant best practices and standards to the table.
  • Access: Xtensegrity has a long standing partnership with SAP, which will ensure timely access to SAP and related resources as needed.
  • Project Management and Reporting: Xtensegrity will report on regular project progress as well as ensure adherence to timelines and budget.
  • Change Management: Xtensegrity will adopt a “train the trainer” approach, which will ensure a gradual rollout process as well as active participation from all users to minimize the change impact.

What our customers say?

By leveraging our people, process, technology, knowledge and in general our solution expertise we know that our effective solution will help your company meet its goals and in retaining its competitiveness. We believe this makes Xtensegrity a partner that provides low-risk and high return on investment.