Premier Adage

Premier Adage is a comprehensive solution for advertising, marketing and public relations agencies and any Professional Service Organizations that run a project-centric business.Built on SAP Business All-in-One, Premier Adage provides an easy and effective way to keep client project information organized and at your fingertips.

With Premier Adage, information is streamlined and at the touch of a button you can track past projects, resources and freelancers used on specific projects and—most importantly— invoicing history to help determine effective accounting and revenue recognition strategies for all your ongoing endeavors.

Premier Adage also comes integrated with finance, supply chain and human resource functions that have been designed to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your business. Whether you are a small business just starting out or a big budget international firm, Premier Adage has the right solution configuration at the right price for you.

We Know Your Challenges

We know your company spends a lot of time and resources maintaining your client’s expectations. Without project management software, it can be difficult to grow or bring in new accounts. Client information needs to be effectively indexed and filed to ensure that your team has access to the right people to get the job done.

Mismanagement of this vital information not only delays productivity, but can also risk losing clients. In addition to keeping clients for each project well organized, it is also important for all research and other relevant information to be accessible and easy to find. Advertising, marketing, PR and professional service projects require teamwork among several professionals and it is vital that they all have the relevant information they need to get their jobs done right.

Cost Effectively Implemented in Weeks

Drawing on over 18 years of experience in this industry and scores of best practices, Premier Adage includes pre-configuration for all critical business processes and is designed to go live within weeks.

Best of all, Premier Adage is affordable. We strive to provide the best quality for the best value to our customers. We are here to improve your bottom line, never put stress on it. That’s why Advent Global offers Premier Adage as a fixed-price, fixed-time and fixed-deliverable solution.

What else can Xtensegrity offer?

We have always delivered measurable value and improvement in competitiveness in the following areas:

  • Reduction of infrastructure costs;

  • Improvement of project and traffic management functions;    

  • Integration of media-buying platforms; and

  • The consolidation of enterprise systems into  more manageable business platforms.

Benefits of Premier Adage

  • Project Lifecycle Management: Addresses  Project Lifecycle Management; Resource Allocation and Scheduling; and Labor Reporting that will help with the following functions:
    • Scheduling of appropriate resources    based on job functions (i.e. teams) across projects
    • Enhance profitability by using accurate costing / pricing components for resources, activities (i.e. rate cards)
    • Customer / Project Dashboard: To address client and project profitability that illustrates actual versus estimates at a given point-in-time, by capturing costs and revenue accrued as of a date in time.
    • Flexible Invoicing Layouts and Options: The ability to hide/display invoicing details pertaining to tasks/activities and providing the functionality to collapse/expand on the invoice details. 
    • Estimator Engine with Multi-Tiered Pricing (Employee, Job, Customer, Activity-Based):  This will allow the creation of a tiered-pricing structure through user-defined rate templates and can be adjusted run-time during contract/project creation.
    • Automation of Sales Order Management through Estimate Revision: These will drive revenue recognition and billing plans and help in eliminating duplication of data capture 
    • Workforce Management Tool: This will address the need to maintain personnel records and manage compensation.

What our customers say?

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